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Workplace Consultants, Inc. specializes in organizational assessment and research, with internationally recognized expertise in organizational and employee health, work stress, and corporate culture.


Our highly skilled and educated consultants provide high quality assessments and analyses to help companies make effective strategic decisions that promote productivity, performance, profit, and health.


Your workers’ attitudes and perceptions are the best predictor of your organization's success. Employee attitudes and perceptions relate to profit, quality, productivity, retention, innovation, creativity, absenteeism, health care costs, safety, mergers, and cultural issues in the workplace.

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Our mission is to be the catalyst of your success—we assess, identify and resolve organizational and workplace issues that impede your success. We help you develop effective strategies that strengthen the abilities and contributions of your employees, as well as your work structure and systems.

Dr Michael Peterson

Senior Consultant with Workplace Consultants Inc.  


Dr. Peterson is at the cutting edge of organizational development when it come to helping companies deal with issues related to retention and recruitment, morale and job satisfaction, employee and organizational health, and managing workers.


He is a widely published, sought after speaker, and internationally recognized as a leading authority on workplace culture, stress, and the dualistic approach to organizational and employee health. Dr. Peterson has worked with a variety of organizations, and has consulted in the U.S., Canada, England, and Argentina. He is the creator of the Strategic Organizational Management (STORM) Index, an innovative and critically acclaimed tool for the assessment of organizational performance, health and culture. Top 10 international research groups such as the Gallup Company and IPSOS-Reid have used the STORM Index. He is also the creator of the "Culture-Work-Health Model" which has been instrumental in helping create better and more effective strategies in the US, Canada, South American, and Europe in both the private and public sectors.


Dr. Peterson is also a professor on the graduate faculty at the University of Delaware and was an advisor to the American College of Occupational Medicine in the area of workplace stress and culture. He has been instrumental in the development of the field of Occupational Health Psychology, which focuses on how organizations can promote both corporate success and employee well-being. His innovations and ideas have been recognized by renowned Medical Schools such as Thomas Jefferson and University of Pennsylvania where he serves a faculty lecturer on Organizational Assessment, culture and stress. He is also a sought after expert on Workplace Stress and Culture and is also on the national panel of experts for Lluminari Inc in the area of worksite health and productivity.


Dr. Peterson has earned graduate degrees in Health Promotion and Behavioral Medicine, as well as a degree in Business Management.