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Workplace Consultants, Inc now offers high quality Web-based focus group evaluations for Internet-based customer services. 

Results show:

  • Relevance and credibility of web content and corporate image
  • Ease of download based on the type of connection to the Internet
  • Effectiveness of verbal content
  • Effectiveness of images
  • Effectiveness of page layout
  • Ease of navigation within the website
  • Effectiveness of on-line features or intra-site searches
  • Ease to order, find information/products, and purchase products/services
  • Identification of information unanswered about the products or features
  • Effectiveness of Internet technologies used on the website

By employing a national pool of focus group participants who represent rural and urban areas, all age groups, genders and ethnicities, diverse levels of computer-internet skills and capabilities, and service capabilities, Workplace Consultants Inc can assess the broad range of factors that promote or inhibit Internet buyer behavior. Because of our ability to utilize the general public, we can provide a thorough evaluation of your site and its capabilities by the general public. This enables you to develop your web pages into effective sales and recruitment tools.

Organizations receive a detailed evaluation report on their website including a description of its effectiveness, problems, strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations from a consumer perspective. This report provides you and/or your marketing department or firm with the necessary information to make improvements that can help you compete more effectively in the Internet marketplace.

Sales and Marketing departments often employ focus group techniques to assess TV and Radio ads, but often omit their Internet Web sites. How often do companies lose customers and sales due to ineffective websites?

Workplace Consultants Inc provides the solution with this objective, high-quality assessment of your Internet effectiveness to help you remedy web-site based problems and increase your sales and business.